Karl Amadeus Hartmann Symphonies No. 1-6

Listening to:

  • Symphony No. 1, Versuch eines Requiem for alto and orchestra (1950) – revised version of Symphonisches Fragment (on texts by Walt Whitman)
  • Symphony No.2 (1946) – revised version of Adagio
  • Symphony No.3 (1948-9) – adapted from portions of Symphony Klagegesang and Sinfonia Tragica
  • Symphony No.4 for string orchestra (1947-8) – adapted from Symphonic Concerto for strings
  • Symphony No.5, Symphonie concertante (1950) – adapted from Concerto for wind and double basses
  • Symphony No.6 (1951-3) – adapted from Symphony L’Oeuvre

Played by Bamberger Symphoniker conducted by Ingo Metzmacher


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