Martha Argerich – Chopin 24 Predudes op.28 1977

  No.1 in C major. Agitato
No.2 in A minor. Lento

No.3 in G major. Vivace

No.4 in E minor. Largo

No.5 in D major. Allegro molto

No.6 in B minor. Lento assault

No.7 in A major. Adantino

No.8 in F sharp minor. Molto agitato

No.9 in E major. Largo

No.10 in C sharp minor. Allegro molto

No.11 in B major. Vivace

No.12 in G sharp minor. Presto

No.13 in F sharp major. Lento

No.14 in E flat minor. Allegro

No.15 in D flat major. Sostenuto

No.16 in B flat minor. Presto con fuoco

No.17 in A flat major. Allegretto

No.18 in F minor. Allegro molto

No.19 in E flat major. Vivace 

No.20 in C minor. Largo

No.21 in B flat major. Cantabile

No.22 in G minor. Molto agitato

No.23 in F major. Moderator

No.24 in D minor. Allegro appasionato

Prelude in C sharp minor op.45

Prelude in A flat major op. posth

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