Composed Noise from The NOISE String Quartet

Have been listening too an enormously satisfying double album from The NOISE String Quartet.

Composed Noise is as it is described: New Works for Improvising String Quartet. The 7 commissioned pieces combine composition with improvised elements.

This project and recording is a really wonderful development for Australian Contemporary Music and the quartet and the label Vexations 840 are to be congratulated.

The pieces are:

Rosalind Page: “Zerkalo” (Mirror) for string quartet, percussion and electronics

Andrew Batt-Rawden “28” for string quartet, electronics and video score

Alex Pozniak Force Fields for electric string quartet

Paul Cullan Merge/Emerge for string quartet

Andrew Ford String Quartet No.4 for string quartet and recorded voices

Lyle Chan Smoke Weather Stone Weather (from String Quartet) Ten bagatelles for string quartet and playing cards

Amanda Cole Ecliptica for string quartet, electronics & optional light metronome

The NOISE String quartet are: Veronique Serret and Mirabai Peart violins, James Eccles viola and Oliver Miller cello.

Buy this album.



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