You can make money in medicine but it shouldn’t be the purpose (or why Medica Hurstville is under adminstration)

So a local facility, Medica Hurstville is in administration.

How can this be so?

It was advertised as a state of the art facility with all of the mod cons, the latest technology and the smartest specialists. In reality it was a facade for an investment program, for a super-fund or some similar activity: the primary purpose was to raise money for investors, the aim was not to provide quality care for patients.

The facility actually wasn’t world’s best because it wasn’t designed by people who knew health. It advertised how wonderful it was before it actually had any doctors and as a consequence it got very few patients.

I think there is a take home message – the builders didn’t understand healthcare and even worse they didn’t understand that people in healthcare can get rich not by providing spin but by providing good quality healthcare. Profit should be incidental and not the primary motive when it comes to health.

Disclaimer: the ability to make profit shouldn’t be eliminated otherwise things might go backwards, it’s just the motives that need to be addressed

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