Enough choppy choppy: how about spending a dollar to save a dollar in health

So I work in health and well to be frank health is not exactly thriving.

I am associated with 3 public hospitals with a collective EOFY debt of around 50 million dollars. The way the powers want to catch up is with cuts. But the problem with cuts is that it doesn’t actually deal with the fact that service needs to be delivered.

People being to hospital costs money so the logical way to deuce expense is to stop people being admitting to hospital is to reduce admissions. The only real way to achieve this is to stop people being admitted to hospital. The only way to achieve this is to provide outpatient services that otherwise meet the inpatient demand.

The problem is that ‘new’ outpatient services is a new expense and the system can’t countenance that.

Well I think I fact of life is that sometimes you have to spend a dollar to save a dollar.

The real issue is that health services want business cases: well tell me how much you are willing to spend to save a dollar. I’ve heard one dollar for 3 saved but this is a clowd-cuckoo-land number. I agree 1 for 1 isn’t a gain but 1 for 2 is a tangible benefit

Regardless of the breakpoint let’s get a number to inform our business cases.

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