Things they didn’t teach in medical school: Part 11 Public Speaking

This will be a brief one: they didn’t teach public speaking in medical school.

I did toastmasters in high school and then after doing the college exams and losing all humility I thought I was OK at public speaking. The a couple of years ago I gave a talk at a conference I was all nerves – it was the International Liver Cancer Association Meeting and I think it was the first and only presentation from an Australian. The room was one of those in which you were blinded by lighting and couldn’t see the audience well. All of the ‘gods’ were either on the stage panel or got up to ask questions afterwards. For the first time in ages I got ‘nerves’.

Speaking in public is something I actually have to do all the time but it is not always straight forward.

Here are some tips – both practical an perhaps tongue-in-cheek:

Tips on Public Speaking


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