What they didn’t teach in medical school: Part 8 Teaching (on the run)

This will be short and sweet.

One thing they didn’t teach in medical school was how to teach. Maybe we weren’t taught this because we might start charging for all of the unpaid teaching time that we provide.

Teaching is obviously important because we need to teach the up-&-coming doctors how to be, well, doctors, but also because by teaching we get to explore for ourselves our own level of expertise and understanding. Good teachers usually know their stuff backwards and can expalin it simply.

Teaching can be hard and like everything needs to be tailored to the audience, the occasion and the context. I’ve certainly made heaps of mistakes along the way….apparently I’m scary.

Dr Fiona Lake and her colleagues have recognized this and come up with Teaching on the Run. Look up the website or check out the articles in the Medical Journal of Australia.

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