So what’s with all the String Quartets

So I guess you’re wondering “what’s with all the string quartet’s”? Or
maybe you aren’t?

Well I resolved – 2011 New Years Resolution to listen to a different
string quartet everyday for a year – 365 days.

Why? Well I’m a bit obsessed with them. Essentially I see them as
representing a pinnacle of human creative achievement….there are
lots of musical forms but the string quartet has a purity paralleled
in few situations like the solo cello suites or piano pieces, or the
great jazz trios (piano, bass, drums).

So everyday I’m going to listen to a quartet and post it to my posterous blog.

If you think there aren’t enough I actually reckon I could go for 2
years. Haydn alone knocked out 68. This wikipedia link provides a
comprehensive listing of string quartet composers by era:

To aid me in this endeavor there is a new Cambridge Audio Amp and CD
player – current 650 series, and some Monitor Audio speakers.
Currently these are pumping out the first CD from the Herbie Hancock
box set.

Along the way why not have a listen to the quartets I post.


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